We provide the following services:

1. Appointment requested for all document notarizations. This service includes notarizing out of town documents from other Provinces of Canada and any other documents requiring the services of a Notary Public.  It is to be noted that two pieces of Identification is required with photo copy identification such as Driver’s License, etc.

2. Certifying documents or just simple witnessing of documents.

3. Preparing General and Specific Powers of Attorney for the requirements of the client.  The preparation of a Power of Attorney can be made while the client waits, if required. This is particularly useful if a client has to leave the Country in a hurry and does not expect to return for a certain period of time – such as selling a home or other property.

4. Contract of Purchase and Sale Contract for those persons who have not engaged the services of a Realtor for the purposes of selling your home with additional Property Disclosure documentation for execution by the Vendor.

5. Preparing purchase conveyance documents for any type of purchase including residential, new residential purchase including GST, GST Rebates and not including GST, business purchase (commercial) and manufactured home (mobile home purchase).  This service also includes mortgage preparation, if required for the purchase.

6. Attending to the requirements of a First Time Homebuyer in the purchase of a property.

7. Attending to sale of property – vendor’s interest.

8. Mortgages and Mortgage Refinancing, with a three business days turnaround, if required for most Canadian Banks and Financial Institutions, Private mortgages and second and third mortgage where required with schedules for the protection of existing charges on title.

9. Clearing Title – preparing discharges required to clear charges from real property and attending to registration of required document.

10. Preparing documents for Transmission of property (in the event of Death) to a Surviving Joint Tenant and providing State of Title Certificate certifying proof of registration in the Land Title Office.

11. Preparing transfers of title, transferring interest of one person to another on title or adding persons to existing persons on title (subject to existing mortgage holder approval).

12. Property Transfer Tax. We have experienced staff to handle any property transfer tax applicable to any purchase or transfer of title.

13. GST Rebates applicable to any purchase such as new homes, and business.

Shahnaz Rahimtula is a fully licensed Notary Public with over 25 years of experience with the Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia with more coverage than Solicitors for the Province of British Columbia.

Click here to download a convenient checklist of information required by our office for the Real Estate Transfer process (140kB)

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